Sixers Share Footage of Markelle Fultz Balling Like a Boss

A new year often brings hope.

Some of us act like we're going to eat better and go to the gym while others simply go on Twitter and refresh the Sixers' page looking for any sign of life from Markelle Fultz.

And it looks like 2018 is off to a nice little start for Sixers fans. After the team released a statement earlier in the day about Fultz reaching the next step in his rehab, their multimedia folks gave us a new year's treat on Tuesday evening.

Perhaps you saw earlier in the day when a number of media members shared very brief clips of Fultz at the team's practice facility doing basketball things.

Well, the Sixers have all the access to Fultz that they want -- and more than the rest of us -- so they shared a much more in-depth (and likely edited!) look at Fultz on the court.

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The slow-mo, the spin, the hesi, the up-and-under, the creation-ability... it's certainly a teaser Sixers fans both wanted and needed. But the shot? The shot still looks a touch uncertain.

In case you missed the earlier report, Fultz is cleared to begin "the final stage of his return-to-play program."  Whatever that means. But there he is on the court doing basketball things, so I'll take that as a positive.

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