Sixers ‘being Smart and Cautious' With Ben Simmons

LAS VEGAS — Ben Simmons' status for the Sixers' final Samsung NBA Summer League game in Las Vegas on Friday is yet to be determined.

Simmons did not play Wednesday or Thursday because of pre-scheduled rest days (see story). The Sixers will compete in the consolation round Friday at 8:30 p.m. against the Heat, and the first overall pick has not been ruled in or out.

“It’s going to be a collective decision, I think,” Las Vegas summer league head coach Lloyd Pierce said following the Sixers' 87-84 loss to the Nets (Instant Replay). “I think obviously we’ve got to go off of what Ben says and then we’ve got to talk to everyone in management and with our health and training staff as well."

Simmons has participated in five summer league games between those in Utah and Las Vegas. He has averaged 10.0 points, 7.2 rebounds and 5.4 assists in 28.2 minutes. Pierce previously said the Sixers' plan was not for Simmons to play in every game (see story).

“It’s been a long summer,” Pierce said. “It’s been a very long summer. It’s been a long process and we have to be smart. We don’t want to get too much and be greedy and end up making it a longer summer. We’re just being smart and cautious right now.”

Pierce noted the Sixers do not have injury concerns about Simmons. They also would like to keep it that way with Simmons and all of their players.

“We started the game with nine,” Pierce said. “We want to leave Vegas with nine healthy bodies, as well. I think the biggest concern tomorrow is health.”

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If Simmons does not play on Friday, the Sixers are comfortable with the sample size they have watched from him in games, practices and shootarounds. 

"We saw all that we needed," Pierce said. "We got him on the court. We got him with our guys. We know what our concerns and what his concerns are. We know what his strengths are, as well. He's going to add an unbelievable dimension to our team."

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