LeBron James Rumors: ‘Doesn't Like Houston,' Son Playing in Los Angeles

Free agency is still weeks away but we've already reached peak silly season in the NBA.

LeBron James, who is expected to opt out of his deal with the Cavaliers, will be the most sought-after free agent for the third time in his career.

Among his suitors will be the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, and, of course, the Sixers. While we all search for breadcrumbs on where the King will make his new kingdom, we may all be going a little too crazy here.

First, news came out Tuesday that LeBron's son, LeBron Jr. (or Bronny for those in the know), has committed to play basketball at Sierra Canyon High School near Los Angeles. That rumor was shot down by the school fairly quickly.

The fact that Bronny may play at a high school in the Los Angeles area is not a sure sign LeBron will play with the Lakers. James' family has been in the L.A. area for years while he's played in Cleveland. Who's to say that wouldn't continue if he signs in Houston or Philly? Maybe we shouldn't be using Gary Payton as our source for breaking news(?)

And remember when Sixers fans all freaked out over the rumor that James was at Malvern Prep sizing up the school for his son during the All-Star break? Those were fun times.

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Then today a report hit the Twitter machine that James "doesn't like Houston as a city." So there you have it. No Rockets for LeBron. With all due respect to Marla Ridenour, the columnist from the Akron Beacon Journal that broke the scoop, this really doesn't tell us anything. For all we know, LeBron said this as a joke or after sitting in Houston traffic for an hour or after having a bad experience at a restaurant. 

If he views the Rockets as his best chance to win another championship, I strongly doubt the city of Houston will deter him from signing there. The dude grew up in Akron and played in Cleveland for 11 seasons. I think he can handle Houston for a season or two.

Let's all take a deep breath here. There will be real, legitimate news coming on LeBron's decision when he makes it. As tempting as it is, maybe we shouldn't hop on every rumor that's out there. Even Vegas is tempering it's expectations until LeBron makes his decision.

James has until June 29 to opt out. Until then, don't eat up all the breadcrumbs.

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