Joel Embiid's Valentine's Day #FakeNews Incident With Olivia Pierson Aired on E!'s WAGS

Remember the great Philadelphia 76ers Valentine's Day Fake News scandal of 2017?


Well here's a quick refresher: Olivia Pierson is a person who appears on E! television series WAGS LA. Back in February she posted a photo of her pictured with a shirtless Joel Embiid with a romantic Valentine's Day message. Embiid quickly followed up by reposting the image himself and labeling it #FakeNews.

You can read more about that fun incident right here.

Well fast forward a couple of months to Sunday night and episode 302 of WAGS LA aired.  The Instagram incident was addressed on the episode titled "Thirsty THOTS."

It contained these actual lines said by human beings.

"As for Olivia's Insta, there was this shoutout to this basketball guy. She sends out a thing to this Joel guy who is a basketball player."

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That would be Joel Embiid, aka The Process.

"You know that she really, really wants to be a WAG," says another lady.

For the uninformed, WAG is an acronym for wives and girlfriends of professional athletes.

And then perhaps one of the greatest lines ever uttered on television.

"I feel like if you don't have a dude, you're just a 'pro hoe' if that's all you date [athletes]. You're not a WAG."

Olivia later attempts to set the record straight.

"We used to date a couple years ago," she said of her an Embiid. "As of the last couple months we started talking again. We're really good friends."

"Unfortunately Joel's PR team doesn't want him involved in anything public like that. They took my post and blasted it as fake news. In fact, it wasn't fake news. We were each others valentines. We got each other gifts. That was our own thing."

Then the ladies leave LA to go to Trinidad for Carnival and it really helps ease her mindset.

"Getting away from the whole Joel scenario, it feels so good just to let loose with the girls."

The rest of the episode is equally ridiculous.

You can watch the entire episode right here or a preview (sans Jojo content) below.

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