Joel Embiid Responds to Hassan Whiteside With Tweets of Gold

Hassan Whiteside took a jab.

Joel Embiid landed a haymaker.

Whiteside appeared to subtly criticize Embiid when discussing the All-Star Game voting process on Thursday.

Via the Miami Sun Sentinel, the Heat big man said ...

I really don't even want to talk about it. It's more so a gimmick. I look at guys and they just do stuff to win the fans over, make jokes on Twitter to get people to vote for them. It ain't got nothing to do really with talent.

The quote obviously made its way to Embiid on Friday.

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Because he responded on - where else - but Twitter.

And then smoothly cancelled out that vote.

Well played, Mr. Embiid.

What's odd about this is that Embiid and Whiteside seem to have a good relationship and mutual respect for each other. They both went at it in a terrific matchup on Nov. 21 at the Wells Fargo Center.

Afterward, Embiid talked about being in favor of bringing back the center position to the All-Star ballot.

"I told [Whiteside], ‘Keep killing it,'" Embiid said then. "As big men, we all want each other to do good. I've always thought, even in the past, it's always been a big man league. I want it to stay like that."

The Sixers next play the Heat on Feb. 4.

That should be fun.

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