Dr. J and Iverson Look Pretty Great in NBA 2K18

Not a lot to work with here but Julius Erving and Dr. J. are apparently in the latest version of NBA2K and look pretty sharpe.

Both Sixers legends are seen wearing the new Sixers' Nike uniforms. Julius is rocking his signature afro while Iverson has some gnarly facial hair going.

The only real complaint, as blogging impresario meechone points out, is that A.I. is seen doing the Steph Curry turn-and-run-away-from-the-shot move. Can't recall Bubba Chuck using that one during his heyday.

And while young Sixers fans who wanted to see Iverson play in the Big3 last month came up empty, maybe a digital A.I. will give them a little glimpse of what they were missing back in the day.

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Iverson and Erving look to be apart of NBA 2K18's new All-Time Teams feature which will pit some of the greatest teams to ever take the court against each other. I think I saw this in a Rocky moie once. You can check out a trailer for that below.

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