Does Jerami Grant Love Or Hate Pokemon Go?

By the looks of this tweet from the 76ers official Twitter account, second-year wingman Jerami Grant wants nothing to do with Pokemon.

OR maybe he's an avid Pokemon player and wants to catch them all himself?

Tough to say.

Catch them all? More like swat them all.

Whichever side of the trend Jerami comes down on, his feelings appear STRONG:

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It was perhaps Grant's second most notable Summer League moment. His destruction of Ivica Zubac was a joyous affair.

Zubac described it as such, "We don't have that in Europe. I thought he was going to make a pump fake, so I didn't jump and he jumped on me."

For the record, the other teams in Philly have yet to jump on the Pokemon craze aside from the Linc attempting to use it to promote their stadium tours.

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