Dario Saric Didn't Need to Apologize to Cavs, According to Old LeBron James Quote

Jordan Clarkson and LeBron James have only been teammates for a short while so it may take some time until they get on the same page.

Clarkson took exception to Dario Saric throwing down a dunk in the waning seconds of last night's Sixers victory over the Cavs on the road in Cleveland. He threw the ball at Dario's back and got ejected from the game.

Clarkson defended his actions to Cleveland.com. "If anybody say different, that they wouldn't have did that, that they'd have did something different, or anything else, they lying," he said.

"Especially if it was at that [point] of the game. They know what's up. That's it," Clarkson said.

Let's take a trip back to last season when Warriors rookie Jordan Bell threw down an impressive dunk against the Mavs in garbage time to which Dallas coach Rick Carlisle took exception. LeBron spoke out about it.

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"Play hard to the final buzzer," James said then.

Chris Webber agreed on the TNT telecast. 

"That's wack," Webber said of Clarkson. "Win the game."

"In my head, the Cavaliers should play some D. How 'bout that?"

Saric apologized after the game, as you can see above, but he didn't need to. 

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