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Sign of the Times for 76ers: Fan Makes Clear How He Feels About Ben Simmons

A Philadelphia 76ers fan took to the streets of Center City to show his disdain for the disgruntled 76ers player Ben Simmons, who remains away from the team.

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Philadelphia's great sports soap opera involving 76ers guard Ben Simmons has been playing out daily on social media and news sites for months now.

One fan apparently wanted to reach more than web traffic when he hit the streets of Center City in downtown Philadelphia on Wednesday to air his feelings about Simmons.

Walking down JFK Boulevard near 30th Street Station, the fan held a white posterboard sign with thick black letters that read, "F*** Ben Simmons."

An NBC10 producer asked him to talk, but he demurred. Asked why he was so mad at Simmons, the man simply said, "Google him!"

Simmons, who has sat out the entire 2021-2022 NBA season so far, remains on the trade block ahead of the Feb. 10 trade deadline. If he is not traded before the deadline, he could eventually return to the team or sit out the entire season until a trade partner emerges next year.

Simmons, 25, will still have three years left on his contract with the 76ers after this season. The remaining contract is worth $114 million.

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