Allen Iverson Shooting Big With New Signature Reebok Sneaker

Allen Iverson is making another comeback. This time to the signature sneaker game.

Iverson is teaming up with Reebok, his longtime collaborator, for a new signature shoe that aims to simultaneously pay homage to the past while turning his sights to the future.

And as anyone who has ever seen A.I. shoot, the little fella has some pretty big eyes.

In a piece for Complex, Iverson mentions the hopes of his shoe line someday being in the same air as the sneaker king at Nike himself, Michael Jordan.

"I want it to have the same longevity as Jordans. You know what I mean? The bar is very high and I know that," Iverson told Complex. "But why would you want anything else? You gotta want to be like the best and that's what it is."

The latest effort from Reebok, the I3 Iverson Legacy, will release later this month. You can check out the design below. It will have elements of  a handful of his previous Answer models but the hope from A.I. and Reebok going forward is to advance things with fresh ideas.

"That's the comeback shoe," Iverson told Complex of the I3 Iverson Legacy, "and then from here on out, every shoe has its own thing. Has its own agenda. Has its own personality. Has its own look and style. And it has nothing to do with the rest of the shoes."

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