Condoleezza Rice Makes Her Modeling Debut with NFL

Condoleezza Rice is part of the NFL’s new ad campaign promoting a new women's wear line

Condoleezza Rice is smiling widely, standing with her left hand on her hip, wearing a Cleveland Browns fitted jersey. On the bottom of the photograph is the message “It’s my team.”

The jersey is part of a new women’s wear line of National Football League apparel, and the photograph is part of the NFL’s new ad campaign promoting that line.

Rice is prominently (and proudly) displaying the photo on her Facebook page. “Supporting the NFL and showing my passion for the Cleveland Browns!” reads the message above the photo.

Other high-profile women, such as Serena Williams and Melania Trump, are also involved in the “It’s My Team” ad campaign. Williams, in her ad, is wearing a white V-neck Miami Dolphins T-shirt under a thin, black jacket.

"Forty-five percent of [NFL] fans are female and that continues to grow," Tracey Bleczinski, vice president of NFL consumer products, is quoted as saying on "We do have something for everyone, and this campaign aims to communicate that if you are living and wearing football, you can do it every day, year-round."

Rice, who served as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, has talked up her love of football in the past. There was even once speculation that she would replace Paul Tagliabue as NFL commissioner.

"I am prepared to answer any questions on Russia, the Middle East, advice for the draft, the zone blitz," Rice said in addressing an NFL owners meeting in 2009. "And why no one should ever run a prevent defense."

Commissioner Roger Goodell then thanked her for being "busy three years ago when they selected a commissioner."

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