More Brotherly Love for the Eagles

The Eagles signed offensive tackle Stacy Andrews, brother of guard Shawn Andrews earlier this off-season -- could it have started a trend of brotherly duos on the Birds?

This week the Birds signed former Florida Atlantic defensive lineman Jervonte Jackson, according to the Sun Sentinel.

The last name Jackson is common but that doesn't mean that the Eagles didn't have an inside guy already who knew plenty about the 300-pound lineman. Jackson's brother Jamaal is the starting center for the Eagles, according to Bleeding Green Nation.

Now that is brotherly love -- in practice the two can even line up against each other.

Maybe they can even adopt Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson to make it a trio of brotherly Birds.

Jervonte, a product of Florida Atlantic, is still a long shot to make the Birds unlike the Andrews brothers who both seem cemented to the offensive line.

The Birds in the past spun the wheels on signing Brian Westbrook's brother too. Byron Westbrook wound up with the Washington Redskins where he plays the part of his brother during practices.

Is the signing of brothers a trend? Will the Eagles allow only men with brothers to play on the team anymore?

It's safe to say that these are just coincidences forged by familiarity of a member of the team with their own kin.

Things could get out of control, though.

Now let's see -- what's Donovan McNabb's brother up to?

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