Heckling Fan Explains His Side of the Story, Which Differs From Bob Davidson's

During Tuesday night's Phillies game, one heckler had some choice words for home plate umpire Bob Davidson. 

Davidson singled out the fan, who eventually crossed the line and made a reference to 69th Street

Joseph Santoliquito of PhillyVoice.com actually caught up with the heckler, who turned out to be Jeremy Lichterman from — you guessed it — Delaware County. 

Naturally, Lichterman tells a much different story than that of Davidson. 

“I was heckling the Giants’ players, the guys that were warming up on deck,” Lichterman said. “I was saying, ‘You suck,’ to guys in the on-deck circle. I saw they had one guy who had a horrible haircut, so I told him I had a good barber on 69th Street that could cut your hair. That was basically it. I wasn’t given any warning. When the game had stopped, I had no idea that they were coming to me. I had no clue until the guards came down, and I figured that [Davidson] was pointing at me. That’s when I got up out of my seat and walked out and left."

Lichterman went on to say that he wasn't thrown out by security and no charges were brought against him but instead he left on his own. 

“The last thing I meant to do was offend anyone,” he said. “What amazes me is how much of a big deal this is. Think about it. I went to a baseball game and yelled, ‘You suck.’ I think there’s been more offensive things done before.”

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Lichterman, in what might be the boldest claim of the year, asserts the he wasn't drunk during the game. Drunk or not, we have to give Davidson credit for calling the man out. I mean, think about it, when was the last time a fan was thrown out for heckling someone?

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