Crazy Stats on Seranthony Dominguez, Carlos Santana, Phillies' Rotation

At 25-16, the Phillies have the second-best record in the National League and fifth-best record in the majors.

It hasn't been all that fluky, either. Their plus-46 run differential is sixth best in the majors. 

Still, there aren't many who expect the Phils to keep playing at this pace. If they do, they'll win 99 games.

In any event, let's take a look at some of the more interesting recent Phillies developments:

Seranthony Dominguez
The guy looks legit.

Dominguez is the only reliever in recorded history (dating back to 1908) to record at least two outs and allow no runs, hits or walks in his first five major-league appearances.

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And the Phillies have shown already how confident they are in him. The leverage and pressure has increased in each of Dominguez's outings.

• First two appearances - Phillies up by 10 runs each time

• 3rd appearance - Phillies ahead two runs in the seventh inning

• 4th appearance - Phillies ahead one run in the eighth inning

• 5th appearance - Runners on second and third with one out and Phillies up 1-0 in seventh

Phillies' rotation
The Phils' starting pitchers have a 1.16 ERA over their last 10 games, by far the best in the majors over that span. The next-best team has been the Astros at 1.93.

In those 10 games, the Phillies' rotation has allowed a league-best .254 on-base percentage. That's 10 games turning every hitter into the worst position player on a team.

Pivetta and Velasquez
Check out the list of National League starting pitchers who have struck out at least 10.4 batters per nine innings and walked no more than 3.0:

• Nick Pivetta
• Vince Velasquez
• Max Scherzer
• Noah Syndergaard
• Stephen Strasburg
• Patrick Corbin

Any team in the game would take that from its Nos. 3 and 4 starters.

Carlos Santana's home run last night in St. Louis was his 20th extra-base hit of the season. He has more extra-base hits than Nolan Arenado, Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton.

Among all MLB first basemen, only Freddie Freeman and Eric Hosmer have more XBH than Santana.

Altherr's clutch single
The two-run single Aaron Altherr delivered last night was big in multiple ways. Most importantly, it turned a one-run Phillies lead into a 3-0 game.

But it was also a hit Altherr badly needed. He was 2 for his last 23 while Nick Williams is 7 for his last 15. And it came on a 101-mph fastball from Cardinals reliever Jordan Hicks. 

The nine fastest pitches in the National League this season - all 101.8 mph or faster - belong to Hicks.

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