Citizens Bank Park Middle of the Pack in MLB Food Safety Rankings

All ball park concession food is not created equal.

A Tony Luke's roast pork sandwich, for instance, is far superior to a pizza you can get behind section 110.

And not all ball park food is prepared under the same conditions. Sports Illustrated had the idea to compare the cleanliness/safety ratings of all of the different ball parks across MLB and rank them from best to worst. They used data from health departments compiled in 2017 of each respective stadium.

Citizens Bank Park came in right in the middle of the pack, 12 of 28, while Safeco Field and Fenway Park rated the best to get some clean eats.

I'd say the CBP results and write-up are mostly reassuring that you should expect fine food when taking in a Phillies game, but one line about a trash can is questionable.

Food prep "carried out on top of a trash receptacle" and cold pepperoni 10 degrees warmer than allowed were among the variety of violations found in a series of April inspections. Eighty-five food entities were inspected at the ballpark. Many of the violations focused on general cleanliness, with things like dish racks stored on the floor, grease accumulation on surfaces below a flat top grill and food utensils kept in close proximity to the mop sink. Some food prep violations were also marked, including boxes of beef patties, bags of rolls and packages of cheeses observed wet from a condensation leak.

Again, why are you eatin pizza at a baseball game?

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