At The Yard Podcast: Why 13 Years for Harper? Interest in Kimbrel? Batting Order Predictions

On this edition of At The Yard, Corey Seidman and Jim Salisbury get into the details on how the Phillies and Bryce Harper agreed to a 13 year contract. How nervous were the Phillies that they wouldn't land the superstar?

Now that Harper will be in the lineup, how will the batting order look? Who should bat lead-off?

Also, is there legitimate interest in Craig Kimbrel?

1:00 - Jim details the final days leading up to the Bryce Harper signing
6:00 - The Phillies' wise use of nearly $500 million
7:30 - How has Harper looked in camp?
11:30 - Any concern over Harper's declining defense?
15:00 - Maikel Franco vs. Scott Kingery at 3B
17:00 - Any interest in Craig Kimbrel?
21:00 - Ruben Amaro Jr's legacy in retrospect
24:00 - Dark-horse bench candidates

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