At The Yard Podcast: What's the Big Deal About Tampering? A Loaded Lineup. NL East Favorites?

On this edition of At The Yard, Corey Seidman and Ricky Bottalico get into Bryce Harper already recruiting Mike Trout. What's the big deal about tampering?

The Phillies project to have an elite offense. What will the ideal batting order be?

Also, almost everyone in the NL improved during the offseason. Should the Phillies be the favorites to win a potentially loaded division?

1:00 - Bryce Harper already recruiting (and tampering with) Mike Trout.
4:00 - Will Nats pitchers have an advantage vs. Harper?
9:30 - Why McCutchen should lead off
20:00 - What is the impact of adding a superstar personality to a clubhouse?
24:00 - Realistic expectations for the next 13 years
29:00 - How will the division play out?

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