At The Yard Podcast: Phillies Trade Targets; Impact of Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel Signings

On this edition of At The Yard, Corey Seidman and Jim Salisbury react to Dallas Keuchel signing with an improving Braves team. How much should the Phillies be concerned with them?

Jim says to keep an eye on Mike Minor. What other players will the Phillies be targeting around the trade deadline? 

The devastating injury to Andrew McCutchen and how it impacts the season. Also, the Phillies were interested in drafting Zack Greinke. But not as a pitcher.

0:30 - Craig Kimbrel to the Cubs. Dallas Keuchel to the Braves. How does that affect the Phillies?
5:00 - Keep an eye on Mike Minor. Are the Phillies good enough to go "all-in" and offer another top prospect in a trade?
10:00 - Aaron Nola and Jake Arrieta need to step up.
12:30 - Andrew McCutchen's devastating injury and how the Phillies survive without him.
15:30 - Takeaways from the West Coast trip.
17:30 - More pressing need: starting pitching or bullpen? Which trade targets to keep an eye on.
21:30 - Jim's story about when the Phillies were interested in drafting Zack Greinke (not as a pitcher).

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