Eagles Need Only 10 to Recover Historic Onside Kick

Getty Images

Who says you need 11 players on a football field to execute a game-changing play against the hated Giants?

The Eagles only needed 10 guys on the field during the onside kick that Riley Cooper recovered as part of the Birds amazing 28-point fourth-quarter comeback.

We know it was just 10 because we counted.

NBCPhiladelphia talked to Eagles safety Kurt Coleman Tuesday. The Eagles rookie had an interesting role in the play.

"I was supposed to be out there [on special teams] but they had taken me out because I had become the full-time starter [after fellow rookie safety Nate Allen left with his knee injury]."

Coleman said he didn't know who was supposed to replace him.

Trevard Lindley thinks running back Jerome Harrison was the missing 11th man.

"One player ran off as they were kicking the ball," Lindley said. "We got away with it and the ref didn't see it."

"It was almost as if fate was with us that day," Coleman said, still basking in the historic comeback. "It's a crazy experience to get an onsides kick let alone with 11, but we had 10!"

It was just another wacky twist in an epic Philly tale that will live in infamy.

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