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Minneapolis Airbnb Users Are anti-Eagles Fans

Updated: 8:16 p.m.

Going to the Super Bowl? Well, we have bad news for Airbnb users.

Eagles fans' fiery reputation - and treatment towards Vikings fans at the NFC Championship Game - have caught up with them. 

According to Frontstunderel on Reddit, some Airbnb renters in Minneapolis have been ordered not to rent to Eagles fans for Super Bowl LII because of "concerns from the post game violence and vandalism" after the championship game. 

If fans can even find an owner that will rent to them, they'll have to pay historically high prices.

AirbnbWATCH, which is not associated with Airbnb but is an independent front group for hotels, released a report detailing extreme price gouging for rentals during Super Bowl weekend. A three-night stay in Minneapolis would normally cost a renter an average of $311. The same three-night stay during Super Bowl weekend would likely cost MORE THAN $15,000.

Don't want to splurge and stay the whole weekend? A one-night stay will still cost $5,000 at a two-bedroom apartment that normally rents for $75 a night. 

Maybe just watch the game at home.

Meanwhile, an Airbnb spokesperson released this statement to NBC Sports Philadelphia on Thursday night:

"Airbnb asks all hosts to follow their local rules and regulations, including their HOA. We have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind and we are excited to welcome football fans - for both the Patriots and Eagles - to Minneapolis next Sunday. We are always happy to help when plans change unexpectedly, and in this instance, we were able to rebook the guest in another listing."

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