Mike Vick: ‘Carson Wentz Will Fail in Philadelphia'

Everybody has an opinion on Carson Wentz. But not everybody has played quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

We've heard Donovan McNabb weigh in on the Wentz drama in Philly in the past, now another former Eagles quarterback shares his thoughts on No. 11 and they're quite harsh.

Mike Vick was a guest on FS1's Speak For Yourself  on Monday and was asked a rather pointed question about whether Wentz will fail in Philadelphia.

"He will fail in Philadelphia," Vick said. "The bar has been set so high by Nick Foles. Regardless of when he came in, [Foles] did what he did and won the Super Bowl. The ceiling has been set. Along with Carson Wentz's character which has been questioned by his teammates and the public, it just makes it difficult for him. I think he's fighting an uphill battle, week in and week out. To win, to be a good teammate. It's a lot. It takes a lot from you to handle that responsibility."

"You got a guy in Nick Foles who is probably going to go down as one of the greats of all-time in Philadelphia history and you have to chase that. That's difficult."

It seems the opening statement of "he will fail" is pretty vague though. Does Vick mean it in a sense of never winning a Super Bowl? In never matching Foles' championship heroics?

For a good counter point from last week, "Why almost everyone has it wrong about Carson Wentz" is worth your time. The Wentz debate isn't as clear cut as "fail" or "succeed." There's a middle ground. There's nuance. But that middle ground doesn't make for good soundbites on FS1 and social media.

Still, pretty harsh words coming from Vick anyway you look at it. You can watch the segment below.

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