Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick Marries Longtime Philly Girlfriend

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick married the mother of his children, North Philly girl, Kijafa Frink

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick married the mother of his children, North Philly girl Kijafa Frink, in Miami over the weekend.

They didn't allow cameras or cell phones inside the big event. Apparently, everyone got checked at the door.

For what it's worth, gossipextra.com reports the Vicks spent $300,000 on the ceremony.

We talked to Kijafa, exclusively in 2010 about her relationship with Vick -- everything from how they met to how they got through all the rough stuff.

"I watched him develop from a little boy to a grown man," Kijafa said.

Kijafa and Vick met at a club 11 years ago when she was going to college in Virginia.

"He came over and got my number and we've been talking ever since."


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The Eagles quarterback and Kijafa have two daughters. Kijafa runs her own Philly-based jewelry business, PnkElephant.

We asked her what she likes most about Mike:

"I like Mike 'cause he's humble," Kijafa told us in that one-on-one interview. "He's really, really down to earth. You wouldn't think that somebody of his stature would be just like a regular guy. He's so chill . . .He's not cocky. He's not what a lot of people think that he is. I think the media portrays him to be a monster...a mean person. He's not like that. He's a gentle giant.

Kijafa and Vick stuck together through the worst of times when he was serving a prison term after being convicted for his involvement in a dogfighting ring.

When they first got together, Kijafa told us she didn't know a thing about football and would play Tetris in the stands.

It's safe to say she knows a lot more about the game now.

Vick's got a six-year, $100-million deal with the Eagles.

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