Meet the Woman Behind Michael Vick

Kijafa Frink sees a softer side of the Eagles QB

Behind every man is a good woman and the same goes for controversial Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. But what might surprise some people about the woman that has stood by Vick through thick and thin is that she is a Philly native.

“I went to Bodine High School,” said Vick’s fiancé Kijafa Frink.

Frink, a North Philadelphia native, sat down with NBC Philadelphia to answer a few questions about her man, wedding plans and giving back to the Philly community.

The entire time we spoke to Frink the BET reality show cameras rolled -- so, yes we can confirm for sure that the tentatively titled “Michael Vick Project” really is filming.

The 28-year-old told NBC Philadelphia what drew her to Vick. “He is such a handsome guy,” she said.

She was also drawn to him because he was, and still is, so humble and down to earth, she said.

And, one of Vick’s greatest attributes is his love of his mama, Frink added with a smile.

The couple met in Virginia in 2001 and since then they have talked nearly every day, Frink earlier told the Daily News.

During their eight years there were plenty of tough times but Frink really didn’t want to talk about the bad times.

Vick’s signing by the Eagles this summer was met with mixed criticism because he served 18 months in prison after admitting to a role in a dogfighting wing. Some fans went crazy for his jersey while animal rights activists protested the signing.

But Frink stood by her man and she was pleased to see lots of support from the public.

“I know Philly,” said Frink referring to how tough Philadelphians can be. But she and Vick have received many cards and words of encouragement from friends and even complete strangers, she said.

She was also happy to be back in her hometown especially so that she and Vick could hit up some of their favorite restaurants. It sure seems that they love steak since Frink listed Del Frisco’s, Union Trust and Jim’s Steaks among her faves.

And, Frink is making sure that she and Vick give back to her hometown community. Frink has become involved with the Cradles to Crayons organization that helps out area children.

We want to “do as much as we can with kids,” said Frink. And C2C will take “anything your heart can give,” she said.

And the couple knows something about kids -- they have two daughters of their own.

We couldn’t let Frink leave without asking about the pending nuptials.

They still haven’t decided on a location, she said. But, a destination wedding could be in the works to get away from all the press, said Frink.

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