McNabb's Blogging Only Raises More Questions

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb has broken his silence -- well, somewhat -- about the Birds off-season moves.

The past couple weeks have been tough for the Eagles as veteran players Brian Dawkins, Tra Thomas, Correll Buckhalter, Lito Sheppard and Sean Considine have left the nest.

McNabb finally discussed the departure of the key Eagles on his blog, but can anyone comprehend the meaning of what he wrote?

Most of the blog entry centered on Dawkins and Thomas but McNabb did mention he would also miss the other veterans.

“I was always confident that Tra had my blind side. When he was out there, it was one less thing to worry about," said McNabb on his Yard Barker blog.

"As for Brian [Dawkins], mere words cannot explain what he has meant to me, our team, and the City of Philadelphia." McNabb wrote.

He also expressed regret about not getting a chance to win with those guys.

“There may be other men to come in here and play these positions and hopefully we can share successes. I will always regret not having the chance to win a championship with these guys," wrote McNabb.

D-Mac has been laying low outside of this blog posting.

Fans will make their own assumptions to what McNabb may have meant in his blog. All fans have to work with is what he wrote.

Is McNabb simply praising two players who have been important to this team over the years or is he taking a shot at the organization for letting them walk away?

Does he think the Eagles can win a Super Bowl without Dawkins leadership?

Is there any hidden meaning to what D-Mac wrote?

For a team that was only one game away from a Super Bowl, it appears the Eagles have taken a step back early on in free agency. How does McNabb feel about this perception?

It almost seems like the team is rebuilding by allowing the long time veterans move on to other teams. If this is the case, will McNabb be an Eagle or does he even want to play in Philadelphia anymore?

A lot of questions -- not many answers.

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