McNabb's Off-Season Blame Game

It's like deja vu happening all over again, off-season after off-season. Donovan McNabb shoots himself in the foot by making some asinine comment that gives sports radio hosts and newspaper writers something to talk about.
Every off-season seems to start out the same way for McNabb and the Eagles.
It has been quite obvious for years now that McNabb has not gotten over everything especially the draft day booing. He defends himself to the media and fans on a regular basis for many things that he could easily have left in the past.
McNabb’s record as a quarterback and his numbers speak for themselves. But he instead talks about other things that have happened.
With the kind of money McNabb is making, he should be stronger -- able to take the criticism and use it as motivation to prove his critics wrong.

A franchise quarterback will always be under a microscope and when 10 years go by without a championship, there will be some criticism involved.
Instead of telling the media about how HE gave the Eagles the lead in the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship (and in a way blaming the defense for not holding the lead), why not talk about the TEAM coming up short as a whole?
The topic of McNabb putting the blame on his defense was the topic of conversation on NBC 10's Sports Final Sunday night. Former Eagle Jeremiah Trotter and 610 WIP host, Howard Eskin got into a heated debate.
Eskin doesn’t believe the players on the team are upset with McNabb from the comments he made, but Trotter is persistent that teammates are fuming over it.

Eskin is an insider for the Eagles and does get the opportunity to speak with players, but it seems unlikely that players would tell Eskin if there were any dissatisfaction with their quarterback -- nothing good would come out of that.
McNabb needs to thank his defense because without them, the Eagles would have been playing golf a lot sooner than the NFC Championship game. The D ranked in the top five in several categories including total points allowed and yardage given up.
There have been a lot of tough losses in recent seasons that could have been alluded if McNabb was able to pull off a game-winning drive. He had the chance to erase everyone’s memories of heartbreaking losses during the NFC Championship Game, but was unable (again) to deliver in the clutch.
Will this never-ending saga continue or will McNabb finally get over his sensitivities? We will all have to wait and see.

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