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Malcolm Jenkins Makes an Impression on The Daily Show

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah holds up 'THIS GUY'S A GENIUS' sign.

Last week, the day after the Eagles were originally supposed to go to the White House, Malcolm Jenkins was tired of talking. 

So the Eagles' safety and social activist used a different tact. He spent his entire media scrum using large white posters with different statistics about the criminal justice system and racial inequality and led by the message, "You're not listening."

It was pretty powerful stuff. 

And it caught the eye of The Daily Show and host Trevor Noah. The left-leaning Comedy Central show, which is a mix of comedy and political commentary, showed part of Jenkins' media availability that day, which brought cheers from their studio audience and led Noah to say this form of protest was effective. 

At the end of the 1:17 clip sent out from The Daily Show's Twitter account, Noah holds up a similar white poster that says, "THIS GUY'S A GENIUS." 

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