‘You Aren't Listening,' Malcolm Jenkins' Powerful Response Said So Much Without Uttering a Word

Malcolm Jenkins appears to be tired of talking. 

Tired of talking about why players have been protesting during the national anthem, tired of talking about the president and the trip to the White House, and tired of talking about the causes he and his fellow players are fighting for. 

So when Jenkins arrived at his stall, surrounded by about 35 media members, in the Eagles' locker room around 2 p.m., he had a plan. Jenkins brought with him around 10 giant white poster-sized cards with black writing. 

As reporters began asking him questions, Jenkins simply kept showing the cards - the first of which said "YOU AREN'T LISTENING"- to the cameras. The next card said, "MORE THAN 60% OF PEOPLE IN PRISON ARE PEOPLE OF COLOR"

Here are the other cards Jenkins showed:

Eagles Malcolm Jenkins Uses Cards to Get Message Across

After Jenkins had cycled through all of his cards, he spoke. He said, "all right, guys," and walked away.

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