Make Your Own Power Plays With This Flyers Bed

Cheer on the Flyers in this massage-giving, HDTV showing, sweat consuming bed

Picture this: Surround-sound, the Stanley Cup Finals on your HDTV, kicking back with controlled head and foot adjusters, all while being massaged from the comfort of your very own bed?

Well, let me introduce the Flyers Score Bed.

With a retractable flat screen television, pressure-relieving adjustable mattress, and massage features built right into the bed you’ll get the ultimate sports fan experience.

Reppin’ Flyer pride, this customized orange and black bed debuted at the Grand Opening Reception of Hollandia International’s Old City Philadelphia showroom.

And lets be honest, what true Flyers fan doesn’t start to sweat while watching the Flyers battle the Blackhawks for the Cup. Well, this bed solves that problem too.

To help relieve some of the pressure from watching the game, the “anti-sweat” temperature-regulating fabric aims to keep your mattress dry throughout the most intense plays.

The Score Bed -- also known as the Executive, is available in a queen size with split-sized mattresses, with separate controls according to your preference.

But should you sleep in the same place you build up adrenaline for a hockey game?

Dr. Allison Brucker suggests staying away from a surround-sound experience in bed if you already have trouble sleeping.

She says it’s best to follow sleep hygiene guidelines.

“A nice, calm environment is recommended. This bed is certainly contrary to what we recommend. But again, this is only for people who have trouble sleeping,” says Dr. Brucker.

At a hefty price of $20,000, would you consider the Flyers Score Bed the ultimate sports dwelling or do you think watching the game should be reserved for couches where jumping up and screaming is more fitting?

For now, whether you prefer to watch the Finals from your comfy couch or cozy bed, just think of the possibilities that could transform the way you watch our beloved Flyers.

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