J-Mac's TD Attack Gets Lost in the Shuffle

J-Mac’s TD Attack Gets Lost in the Shuffle

All the talk this week is about Donovan McNabb’s return to Philadelphia. There are odds out on if Eagles fans will boo him and there is plenty of talk just three games into the season as to which team got a better deal.

That is enough drama.

But, add in Andy Reid’s cheating heart syndrome. Big Red acted how recently divorced men always seem to act in the movies. After a long-term relationship (11 years with D-Mac) he tossed aside his aging beau for a younger and sleeker version (Kevin Kolb). But that rebound relationship lasted just a couple quarters until a better looking QB (Michael Vick) came along and stole away Big Red’s heart.

And, you have high drama that will certainly drive ratings for Sunday afternoon’s game through the roof.

But while everyone else wants to talk Reid/McNabb/Kolb/Vick drama I want to talk about an Eagle that isn’t getting much dap despite leading the NFL in a major category.

Wideout Jeremy Maclin is tied for the league-lead in touchdown receptions. Quietly the Eagles No. 2 receiver has hauled in four scores so far.

A large part of the reason the Eagles J-Mac Attack is overlooked is because of the QB drama but also because he lines up on the other side of dynamic receiver DeSean Jackson.

Maclin’s 147 yards and 13.4 average don’t hold a flame to D-Jax’s 318 yards and 24.5 average. And averaging nearly four catches and 50 yards per game isn’t staggering but where Maclin is making the grabs is what’s most impressive. Three of his scores have come within the red zone -- an area the Birds had trouble punching it home from all preseason.

Many people thought that tight end Brent Celek was going to be the man in the red zone but at 6-foot, 198 pounds Maclin is a big enough target to bring it home.

And since D-Jax and Celek are likely the No. 1 and No. 2 concerns of opposing defenses when the Eagles enter the red zone Maclin often is getting covered by lesser defensive backs -- luckily for the Birds their former No. 1 pick is taking advantage of what’s out there.

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