Maclin Goes Through Cancer Scare: Reports

After weeks of speculation, innuendo and just flat out rumors, the Eagles might finally break their silence on what’s been ailing one of their star wide receivers but it looks like a few reporters have beating them to the punch.

Third-year wideout Jeremy Maclin had a cancer scare, according to

Maclin tells Jay Glazer of that the third-year receiver has been cleared after undergoing tests for lymphoma.

News of the possible diagnosis came on Maclin’s birthday, May 11. Lymph nodes were removed and tested last week, and he has received word that he does not have cancer.

Maclin was excused from the start of training camp as he dealt with an illness, the team said. Once he remained off the practice field it became obvious that he was dealing with more than just the common cold.

Maclin should return to the Birds after Thursday's preseason game at Pittsburgh, according to ESPN.

Maclin has undergone a battery of tests after he showed up to training camp with weight loss, a lack of enegry, swollen lymph nodes and a low hemoglobin blood count, according to sources.

Maclin was cleared to return to football activity after a test Wednesday turned up negative for any life-threatening disease, the sources said.

Worries of Maclin’s health became heightened once the Eagles signed former Giants wideout Steve Smith -- a possible insurance policy.

Whatever is wrong with Maclin, the Eagles still haven't made anything official as of early Wednesday night.

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