Logan Morrison: Philly Fan Favorite

Philly fans are not normally known for their hospitality when it comes to welcoming the opposition into Citizens Bank Park. Players wearing the wrong colors while between the white lines can be made to feel downright uncomfortable, thanks to the voracious home crowd who enjoy very few things as much as sinking their teeth into an opposing team’s outfielder. 

I mean, as long as that opposing outfielder isn’t Logan Morrison. 

The Florida Marlins left fielder, known not only for his bat, but also for his tenacious tweeting (much to the dismay of the Marlins’ brass), has built himself quite a fanbase, several of which are denizens of Delaware County. One such fan got quite a treat on Tuesday night, when he got to meet Morrison up close.

Via the Palm Beach Post’s Fish Tank Blog:  

LoMo will extend some more Brotherly Love again tonight when he hosts one special Phillies fan whom he has gotten to know via twitter.
Mark Marinelli, of Bethlehem, PA., is a diehard Phillies fan but he will be LoMo’s guest.
According to LoMo’s agent, Mark has Muscular Dystrophy and is confined to a wheel chair. Logan has befriended Mark (or vice versa) on Twitter. 
It’s things like this that make the actual game of baseball seem rather insignificant. Sure, Morrison is going to do his best to increase the ERA of the Phillies’ pitchers, and I’ll do my best to jinx him to make sure he has himself an oh-fer, but this stuff make you feel really good about professional athletes, especially when so many of them make it remarkably difficult to do so. I’m sure it’s very easy for a baseball player, even one playing in front of a stadium that is mostly empty, to forget about the people that pay their salaries.
It also speaks to the power and impact that social media can have. While most athletes and celebrities use it as a promotional tool, with very limited interaction with their fans, Morrison routinely chats with his followers, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive, so much so that more than a few Phillies fans are eagerly awaiting the day that Morrison is a free agent, hopeful that the Phils can ink him. 
It’s fair to say that most of us are pretty cynical when it comes to professional athletes, so it’s very refreshing to see one go the other way, especially when they don’t have to. Kudos, Mr. Morrison. 
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