Lidge on Hamels


 If there is one thing that Brad Lidge has been doing this season, it's been commenting about the Phillies, or about how the Nationals are more talented than the Phillies, or how Washington, D.C. totally has the cheese steak market cornered, or something. I mean, he isn't healthy enough to pitch, so I guess that makes sense.

And on Tuesday afternoon, he gave his two cents on Cole Hamels, his pending free agency, and the fact that he is going to be crazy expensive. From the Twitter account of Jon Heyman:

brad lidge on phils-hamels situation: "they're going to have to ante up. he hasn't been willing to take discount so far."

Lidge also went on to say (via Heyman's Twitter account) that the Los Angeles Dodgers – now flush with cash thanks to Magic Johnson and company – are a very likely suitor for the young lefty.

To be fair, this isn't really a story (and if this isn't a story, then this isn't really a blog post, and you're not really reading anything at all!). First of all we all know that Cole Hamels is going to cost a small fortune in the off-season due to the fact that he is super-good at pitching a baseball. Secondly, the Los Angeles Dodgers are going to be a possible suitor for the lefty, given that he is from California and that the Dodgers have a lot of money to spend.

And more than anything else, this is one of the reasons why I sort of hate the internet sometimes. Everything is thrust out in front of us, thanks in part to the 24-hour news cycle. Instead of getting actual news from beat writers, we get these little nuggets that don't mean anything.

This is nothing against Brad Lidge. I like the guy, and he isn't doing anything wrong, and I guess I never really got into the whole “well, the guy is a pitcher, so I guess he can comment on the subject” thing, because Lidge doesn't know anything more than anyone else knows. He's just repeating something that's already been established, and Heyman is tweeting it, because that's what Heyman does.

But maybe I'm just grumpy because the Phillies can't seem to win a game to save their life, and with each loss, the odds of signing Cole Hamels to a long-term contract extension become more and more remote. I just hope I'm wrong.

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