Lessons Learned From the Phillies Playoff Run

There are some great lessons learned during the Phillies playoff push, according to MLB.com.

Columnist Mark Newman has laid out his fifteen lessons learned overall during the playoffs -- this is a look at some fun notes dealing with the Phightin Phils.

  • "Shane Victorino handles attention well."
  • "Brett Myers can hit."
  • "Phillies fans spent all of Tuesday talking about what might happen and then they spent the night talking about what might happen, and now they just want to see it happen..."
  • "The weather is beautiful, wish you were here. When was the last time a postseason was so collectively gorgeous in the meteorological sense? Philadelphia offered a sunset Monet both evenings in the NLCS."
  • "...just when enough people start yakking about how great it will be to see Manny and D-Lowe and Nomahhh and Dr. Charles Steinberg and even Joe Torre and Donnie Baseball all come back to Fenway ... along come the Phillies."

Phils fan are hoping that the next lesson learned it how to score Phillies World Series tickets.

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