LeSean McCoy Proves His Critics Wrong

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Lost amidst the chaos at the quarterback position has been the play of another backfield member — LeSean McCoy. While fellow anointed legend-follower Kevin Kolb has dropped to second on the depth chart before he could even throw an interception, McCoy has quietly answered everyone's questions regarding his assumption of the running back crown worn for years by Brian Westbrook.

*People said, "McCoy's not explosive enough, he doesn't have true breakaway speed." With the second-highest yards per carry total in the NFL and a 46 yard touchdown jaunt later, he's shut them up.

*Others intimated that LeSean doesn't have the ability to break tackles in the open field. Too bad Pro Football Focus lists him with the most yards after contact per rush in the NFL, with 5.1.

*What about those who said McCoy was going to need to be replaced down by the goal line? His league-leading four touchdowns have proved them wrong.

*But maybe he's just not fit to be a featured back. Except that McCoy's taken over 80 percent of the workload so far (whither Mike Bell?) and has actually improved as the games have gone on: 5.2 yards per carry in his first five carries, to 6.1 ypc in his next five, to 11.8 ypc in the next five.

*Or perhaps LeSean isn't a good enough route-runner out of the backfield. But that can't be, because he's the Eagles leading receiver.

*In any case, he just can't match up with the legendary Westbrook, can he? Although Westbrook has only rushed 15 or more times, with a yards per carry higher than 6.5 in a game three times in his career — McCoy just did it last Sunday.

The future may be in doubt at quarterback, but running back looks like it will be a bright spot for years to come.

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