Latest Bryan Colangelo Twitter Conspiracy Theory Includes His Wife

This story becomes more bizarre by the tweet.

No, not the tweets in which Bryan Colangelo is being alleged of sending from mysterious Twitter accounts.

But instead, it's the tweets circulating the social media world, the ones attempting to solve the jaw-dropping report surrounding the Sixers' president of basketball operations.

Need a refresher on it all? No problem - click right here.

As for the latest, the buzz is beginning to take an interesting twist.

Since The Ringer's story broke, many on Twitter have claimed that three of the five accounts reportedly in question were associated with a phone number ending in 91.

Which apparently led to people researching Colangelo's wife, Barbara Bottini.

According to some on Twitter, Bottini's phone number was discovered and it also ends in 91.

And another possible connection.

Meanwhile, Rich Hofmann of The Athletic Philadelphia astutely pointed this out.

Make of it all what you will.

Of course, all the above means very little, though. The Sixers' independent investigation into the report is what matters and will ultimately provide the real, definitive findings.

It won't just be through Google searches and Twitter backgrounds.

But that won't stop anyone from trying to crack this wild case.

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