Kobe Bryant One Happy Eagles Fan

The first thing Kobe Bryant did when walked to his locker after the Lakers win against Miami, before he took one question about Dwyane Wade, was to take the Philadelphia Eagles T-shirt hanging in his locker and position it right behind his head. That way, every camera pointed at him would have the Eagles logo in the background.

So was Kobe, a supremely confident athlete, sure that his Eagles would win?

“Nah, I was just hopeful like everybody that the team was gonna win, but I told you the last game we had here we match up well with (the Giants),” Bryant said.

He seemed a little more confident about his Eagles chances taking on Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals — Bryant had that smile he gets on the court when he’s about to take over a game come across his face when asked about it.

“Now it seems like a ballgame,” he said. “I’m happy that the conditions are going to be in our favor.”

If Donovan McNabb gets that same little smile, watch out.

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