Kevin Durant: Mike Vick Isn’t a Top 5 QB

Kevin Durant Serious
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A lot of people are hyping up Eagles QB Michael Vick going into the season, but you know who's resisting the Vick bandwagon? Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant. That's right. The NBA's most gifted young player went online Wednesday with a rather candid assessment of Vick's place in the NFL QB hierarchy:

Folks are coming at me hard on twitter right now for saying I don't think Mike Vick is a top 5 QB right now. In no order, I have Peyton, Brady, Big Ben, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, and Aaron Rodgers ahead of Vick. Then another dude tried to say Cam Newton is a better than Phillip Rivers already! SMH!!! I love Vick and Cam and cheer for them, but I gotta be honest about the best at this moment.

Oh snap! That Thunder brought the Thunder! HOW DARE HE!

Vick has had a lot of detractors during his career, but one subset of the population has never been among them: professional athletes. Professional athletes WORSHIP Vick. Even when Vick was in prison, you could count pro athletes among the few who never lost faith in him, and that's because professional athletes know, more than anyone, how gifted of a player the Eagles signal caller is. Like guitarists who used to worship at the altar of -- say Frank Zappa -- because they knew he could do things they couldn't, so do athletes consistently marvel at Vick's ability, a talent many of them have seen close enough to truly appreciate.

But Durant ain't buying into it. And frankly, it's kind of nice to see. I mean, someone out there needs to put a dose of cold water on all this Vick worship before we all go overboard. Leave it to one of the NBA's most levelheaded players to provide it.

HT: USA Today

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