Playboy Bunny Reality Show Premiere

Kendra Wilkinson isn’t the “Girl Next Door” anymore, but that doesn’t mean her reality TV career is over. Wilkinson’s new reality TV show "Kendra" will premiere this Sunday, June 7th.

"Throughout the five highly successful seasons of the Girls Next Door, Kendra has developed a loyal fan-base with her outrageous personality and trademark laugh," E!'s Lisa Berger said in a statement. "Now she's faced with the reality of making it outside the gates of the Mansion and as Kendra's fans are aware, you never know what she's going to do next."

The nine episode series, according to Us Weekly, will show what life after the Playboy Mansion is like for Wilkinson. That means no butlers, maids, chefs, or someone to pay the bills for the blonde bomb-shell. She also throws a housewarming party to score some furniture and other household items. I wonder who the guests were?

In one of the episodes, Wilkinson’s mom visited her new home for the first time and finds a stripper pole in the living room. The playboy bunny was asked by FOX News, if she thought her reality show would cause drama in her relationship, similar to PA's "Jon & Kate plus 8." Wilkinson says she thinks everything will be fine.

The show will also document what life is like for Wilkinson and her soon to be husband, Philadelphia Eagles’ Hank Baskett. The two are set to walk down the aisle on June 27, 2009, but it will be interesting to see how the two balance her past playboy lifestyle with his conservative religious views.

What does Baskett think about the new reality show. He doesn’t seem to be excited. “It’s hard for him. He's a football player,” Kendra told E! online.

We’ll also get to see what happens when Wilkinson decides to introduce her fiance, to her ex, Hugh Hefner. She’s nervous that the meet-up will be a mess, but it turns out that Hef is a good sport and offers the Playboy Mansion for the couple’s June nuptials.

In addition to wedding planning, we’ll see Wilkinson and Baskett’s road trip from his home in New Mexico to L.A.

The show will air at 10 p.m. on E! Sunday.

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