John Kruk Looks Back at 1993 Phillies

On this edition of Krukcast, Gregg Murphy and John Kruk share memories of the 1993 pennant winning season. This year marks the 25 year anniversary of that magical summer. When did they know it was going to be a special season? Why were they so intimidating? Listen as the guys recall one of the most famous teams in Philadelphia sports history.

1:00 - Were there signs in 1992 that this could be a good team?
4:00 - Underrated signings leading to 1993.
5:30 - Unpredictable start in April.
7:00 - What was a clubhouse like in April/May?
10:00 - Team was intimidating.
14:00 - Inconsistent September.
15:30 - Facing the Braves in the playoffs.
18:00 - The World Series.
20:30 - Reunion will be bittersweet.

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