John Clark Caught “Dancing in the Dark”

We're passing along this email we got from some guy named Justin: "I'm not sure if you guys have seen this yet or not. It's John Clark dancing his little heart out at the Bruce concert the other night. Enjoy."

John Clark "Dancing in the Dark"

John Clark was a little embarrassed but after a quick blush said, "I'm just a guy having a good time at a concert. And look, let's face facts. A six-foot-five-inch white guy is never coordinating doing anything. The old expression holds true: 'White men can't dance.'"

It'll take awhile for him to live this one down.

"In the sports office, we have several favorite nicknames for John:  "Clarkie", "Captain Philadelphia" and since last weekend, "Elaine Benes," said NBC10 Sports Director Vai Sikahema. "Not since Courtney Cox danced with Springsteen in 'Dancing in the Dark' has someone made such an impact at a Boss concert."

Was Mark Madsen John's Inspiration?

"You're not going to see him on 'Dancing with the Stars.' Clearly, he's no Baryshnikov. I think he was inspired by the Lakers' Mark Madsen in 2001," said sports producer Colin Macaulay.

Vai (who definitely could be on Dancing with the Stars) found the moment just a little too irresisitible, so he grabbed Jamison Uhler and Tim Lake for a quick Webcam critique on Clark's dance moves:

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