Joey Votto Collaborates With Young Fan in Stands on TikTok Video

A 12-year-old fan held up a sign asking if Votto would make a TikTok video with her

Joey Votto

Some fans go to a baseball game hoping to catch a foul ball. Others try to get an autograph. One wanted to make a TikTok video with Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto.

Mission accomplished.

A young fan standing behind the dugout prior to Monday's game in Arizona between the Reds and Diamondbacks held up a sign that read, "Joey Votto, will you make a TikTok with me?"

The 38-year-old Votto, a social media rookie after joining TikTok and Instagram earlier this year, was happy to collaborate with the 12-year-old fan from Phoenix. And the two produced a video that has since gone viral.

Votto and the fan choreographed their routine before performing "The Griddy" dance, which was used as a touchdown celebration by another Cincinnati athlete, Ja'Marr Chase of the Bengals. 

So, the young fan left the ballpark with video proof that she performed a dance with a Major League Baseball player. Sure beats getting a baseball, autograph or any other souvenir.

It was the latest viral video for Votto, who had previously resisted social media until this year to avoid distractions the various platforms tend to provide. He caved in March and has since become something of a social media sensation.  

“Not enough access to things that I feel like people on social media had access to, and [I was] not part of a community that I think I could probably stand to be a part of,” Votto said in March after joining social media. “I’ve got a silly side to me that I feel like I’d like to be playful with." ​

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