Joel Embiid's Rehab Appears to Be Progressing Nicely

The Sixers are cruising red hot into the playoffs despite playing the six most recent games without their star big man. And Joel Embiid appears to be progressing just fine.

Embiid shared video to his Instagram story of "Day 2" of his rehab. He can be seen riding a stationary bike at the 76ers practice facility in Camden.

Always the jokester, Embiid included a caption, "rehab should be illegal."

The Sixers have two more games to finish out the regular season with the playoffs potentially starting on Saturday in Philadelphia. Will Embiid be ready to play in Round 1? As of Friday, Brett Brown said there was no timetable but Joel was set to begin his cardio rehab as early as yesterday. Clearly that has begun.

"Nobody is prepared to give a timeline on this," Brett Brown said on Friday. "It's a gut feel we all sort of live by and motivation for even saying what I just said is, his spirit is good. His spirit is really good. He feels like there is daylight. The path to him coming back to us is clear. We need to buy time, win games and all that, but in general, his spirit is excellent."

Embiid is also keeping busy by doing what he normally does: trolling on the Internet. Joel popped up in Donovan Mitchell's Instagram to talk some smack.

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