Women Couldn't Take Jayson Werth Home

Well, it didn't come with batteries, but at least one woman was really looking forward to bringing the warmth of Jayson Werth home last night.

The Phils were set to give away 25,000 fleece blankets on Mother's Day with Werth's image on the front.

But when they opened up the blanket boxes, they were faced with a promotional faux pas, according to Inky columnist Michael Klein-- Jayson's lips were bright pink.

So instead of the blanket, the team decided to placate women over 15 with a picture of Werth and a rain check for the new and improved red-lipped Werth fleeces when they arrive.

It was a highly-disappointing moment for Bleacherreport blogger Flattish Poe, whose trip to the ballpark Sunday was all about the blanket. "Jayson Werth's coming home with me" she'd written in anticipation. When that didn't happen, it made Mother's Day an off-day at CBP because, in her opinion, the promotion attracted a lot of women who just don't know enough about game etiquette.

"...the most annoying thing about having so many women at the ball park is they don’t understand that it’s common courtesy to wait until the batter is through before you interrupt everyone in your row with your exit.  Whether you need to empty your bladder, perk your girls, or fluff your do, remember there are other people than you," she writes.

Ladies, hold on to the coupons. You can take Jayson home with you after July 24.

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