Jackson’s Return Redeems Reid’s Coaching Sins

Andy Reid Play Card
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Just because the Eagles staged a historic comeback win Sunday and won on a walkoff punt return -- has that EVER happened? -- doesn’t mean we couldn’t devote a small portion of time Monday to doing what we do best: Making fun of Andy Reid for doing something dumb.

After all, the Eagles massive 21-point rally only would have needed to be a 14-point rally had Reid decided to challenge DeSean Jackson’s fumble when the Eagles were down 24-10 with 12 minutes left in the game. Replays clearly showed that the ground caused Jackson to fumble, and that he was contacted by a defender on the play.

Reid would have won the challenge. He even had the red flag in his hand. Instead, he opted to put the flag back in his pocket. This is a refreshing change of pace for Reid, as he normally screws up challenges by throwing the flag when a call has no prayer of being reversed. This time, he didn’t throw the flag even when it was obvious that the play would be overturned.

I guess that’s progress. Let me sum up Philly’s reaction to Reid’s gaffe by linking to the Twitter feed of Pulitzer Prize winner and insane homeless person Buzz Bissinger:

BTW, is any coach in football stupider than Andy Reid on gameday. Why does he wear headphones? To order Afghan take out?

When Donovan McNabb was leading the Eagles, Reid’s mistakes often cost the team victories, usually in the most excruciating moments. But Michael Vick and Jackson have combined to trump a lot of Reid’s game day follies.

So the question is: When the playoffs arrive, will Vick and company still be able to do it? Are the Eagles now so beset with playmakers that they can get over the hump that Reid represents (and what a hump!)? I’m dying to find out. Only one month until we know for sure.

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