J-Roll Talks TV, World Series With Leno

Rollins picks the Phillies to win World Series -- no surprise there

Phillies shortstop and spark plug Jimmy Rollins hopes to have a future in TV. Well he got a good start Monday night when he appeared on “The Jay Leno Show.”

J-Roll sat down via satellite from New York with NBC’s Leno for the Ten@Ten segment.

Rollins answered a bevy of questions including his favorite TV Show (“Martin”), the best switch-hitter (Elton John -- jokingly answered) and he also put in a plug for Hercules Hooks -- maybe he wants to replace Billy Mays as the spokesman.

One of the funnier moments was when Jimmy Rollins attempted to name all nine teams that his idol, Hall of Fame leadoff-hitter Rickey Henderson, played for in order in just 15 seconds -- a task that would be impossible for Henderson himself.

Rollins also revealed that teammate Shane Victorino has a strange superstition. He wears “balance crystals” in a bag around his neck.

“Every time he hits the field he spritzes his face with some kinda stuff that activates them,” said Rollins about Victorino’s ritual. “He’s had a pretty good year so I guess it works,” joked J-Roll.

But, the big revelation came after Leno asked what Rollins actual height was and if size didn’t matter.

“Size does matter,” quipped the Phils shortstop. That one drew a large applause from the crowd.

And, of course the Phillies soothsayer had a prediction about the World Series against the Yankees. Phillies in five -- “we’ll close it out at home.”

Let’s hope Rollins was right just like when he said the Phillies were the “team to beat” or that they would win 100 games.

Watch the whole interview for yourself by skipping ahead to the 30-minute mark and tune into “The Jay Leno Show” weeknights at 10 on NBC Philadelphia (sorry had to drop in a shameless plug).

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