J-Roll Survives MVP-Style Smackdown

Former NL MVP meets another type of MVP

Phillies spark plug Jimmy Rollins couldn't repeat as the National League’s Most Valuable Player this season -- it almost cost him an MVP Smackdown.
Here is how it went down.

J-Roll was seated just a few feet from the ring Monday night for WWE Raw at the Wachovia Center -- the aptly named MVP (a.k.a. Montel Vontavious Porter) called out Rollins in front of the Philly crowd, according to Pro Wrestling Torch.com

The big lug (MVP stands about 6' 3" and weighs 250+ lbs.) towered over the 5' 8" shortstop who barely tips the scale at a buck seventy-five.

Anyone care to take the odds on that over-under?

Finger pointed at Rollins, MVP called the Phillies’ first championship in 25 years a fluke. To further boost his own confidence -- he needed it because the MVStink hasn’t won a match since what, that first championship -- the Smackdown choke artist showed no brotherly love claiming he was better than Chase Utley, Ryan Howard and the entire city of Brotherly Love.

Amidst the barrage of boos -- equal to that of a J.D. Drew sighting -- MVP’s rant was cut shorter than Rollins stands tall.

Wrestling-foe Charlie Haas bounded into the ring rocking an MVP Power Rangers suite. (Yes some people actually paid to see this escapade.)

Haas was announced as MVC -- Most Valuable Charlie.

One quick mocking ballin’ pose from Haas and it was on like Donkey Kong.

Amidst the clash of absurd characters, MVP caught MVC with a thrust chop while smashing him across his knee.

Please don’t try this at home.

Glaring at Rollins, MVP then dumped Haas over the guardrail before jumping out of the ring. He approached Rollins still jabbering before the crowd began chanting “M-V-C.”

Imagine the “M-V-P” chants at Citizens Bank Park -- this was nothing like that.

After dumping Haas back into the ring, Uncle Charlie came to life. With the Rollins and the crowd behind him -- maybe the closest to playoff atmosphere the Wachovia Center will see this season -- MVC dropped his own ballin’ elbow on MVP before wrapping him up for the pin.

About time someone showed some brotherly love!

Disoriented and confused, the loser glanced up to see the real MVP Jimmy Rollins smirking at him with that calm cool smile we know all too well.

Another title defended in Philadelphia.

With the Phillies hoping to repeat as baseball’s smack down champions, don’t be surprised to see Rollins floss his own impression of the ballin’ elbow this season.

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