Is Wilson Valdez a Bad Tipper?

The Phillies just tore through the Marlins twice yesterday, but I have terrible news that could jeopardize the entire 2011 season -- Wilson Valdez is allegedly a cheapskate, according to the Daily News' Dan Gross:

Phillies infielder and one-time pitcher Wilson Valdez is making $560,000 this year but tipped only 50 cents on two drinks he paid for with a $100 bill for him and a pal just before last call at Time (1315 Sansom) after last Thursday's late-ending game against the Cubs.

Oof. Bad enough you make the bartender break a hundy, but then you go and leave only 50 cents? That ain’t right! Learn the rules of bar tipping, people! You tip a dollar for every drink you buy. Especially on that first round. If you’ve tipped a dollar on every drink for ten rounds and the bartender still hasn’t bought you one on the house, then you’re more than free to tip 50 cents and punch that bartender in the face. But on the first round? Nuh uh. THERE ARE RULES. And if you feel entitled to skimp on the tip because you went somewhere with a cover charge, well now no one asked you to be a poser who goes to nightclubs now, did they?

Athletes have long had a reputation for being lousy tippers. I remember a report in New York ages back in which Stephon Marbury failed to leave a tip after eating at Mr. Chow, and that really angers people. It’s bad enough to be a lousy tipper, but it’s an even more egregious sin if you’re someone who is transparently wealthy. Everyone KNOWS you can afford to tip. Maybe that hobo who strolled in and paid for his drink with a crumpled up five and two juniper berries can’t swing it, but you can.

So don’t bail on tipping people, Wilson Valdez. Otherwise, people will know about it. They might even go blabbing about it the papers. And then you’ll never know if your next drink has a pint of saliva in it. It’s not worth it, man.

Hat Tip: MTW6

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