Is a Phillies Bobblehead ‘Controversy' Brewing?

Get the scoop behind different-sized bobblers

The Phillies tried to put their best foot forward Thursday to show off some of the new (and old) eats, giveaways and merchandise that fans can gobble up this season at Citizens Bank Park.

Two items that will be on sale this season at the Majestic Clubhouse Store resurrected the age-old question -- does size matter?

A set of bobbleheads on display raised an eyebrow because of one glaring difference. One Phillies All-Star was much larger than another.

Cole Hamels is twice the size of Ryan Howard -- in bobblehead form. Of course in real life Hamels' 6-foot 3-inch, 190-pound frame is minuscule compared to Howard's 6-foot 4-inch, 259-pound frame.

Yet in bobbling form Hamels towers over Howard.

There is an explanation for the size difference. The bobbleheads are from two different series.

The bobbling guys are holding two different trophies -- we didn't notice on first look either.

The Hamels bobblehead displayed was a special World Series MVP edition bobbler, said a Majestic Clubhouse Store representative. The big Hamels is holding the World Series MVP trophy.

The Howard bobblehead was part of a series of smaller bobbleheads of Phillies star players holding the World Series Trophy, said the team. There is even a Hamels bobbler in the same series so there really isn't a controversy.

Phew, glad that's settled.

So, there really isn't a controversy after all. But, the two bobbleheads still look quite funny next to one another.

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