“I'm Fat. Ugly. Jealous.”

Apparently I’m fat, ugly and jealous.  Yeah, that makes total sense.  Since I'm not into girls sporting their "athleticism" while wearing lingerie, I must be an absolute dog.

I’m glad we cleared that up!  I thank the complete strangers who attempted to tackle my self-esteem.

Good thing I have a sense of humor and yes, despite what many of you may think, I’m comfortable with how I look.  I’m neither ugly nor fat.  Sorry.

I recently wrote an article about the upcoming tryout for the Philadelphia Passion lingerie football team (Wednesday, May 13, 10a.m.-2p.m. at Tristate Sports, 63 Concord Rd, Aston, Pa.).

The majority of the article catered to the drooling man, quickly Googling the league so he could purchase season tickets.  But, one line and a few gallery captions obviously caught some people’s attention.

I ended the piece with “Can we say objectification of women?”

And I was subjected to this feedback, which only further proves women are being used merely for entertainment and as objects: 

FUNNY-- YOU JEALOUS TAMARA VOSTOK???????????????????????? (Um, no…Not at all actually.) 

Red--LOVE THIS! I'm getting a sense of jealousy from this reporter...is someone feeling alittle ugly and fat in comparison to these women? If you don't like it, you dont have to watch or go the games..dont pass your judgement onto the public..Can anybody say killer TAILGATELOVE THIS! (Enjoy the game, Red. You may want to reflect on the assumptions you make while at that killer tailgate.)

Stop Hating--If this is not your cup of tea. Go turn on Martha Stuart…(I’m actually the worst cook and not much of an arts and crafts person.  But, thanks for the suggestion.  Maybe I’ll watch Arrested Development or Curb Your Enthusiasm instead, if that’s ok with you, of course.)

PhillyEagle--Count me in as one of your 'idiots' in the stands. But does the fact that I make a six-figure income and a Standford grad fit into your stereotype Ms Reporter? (No stereotypes here except for the ‘ugly’ image cast on me.)

Come on, people.  This league is ridiculous.  And I say this not because I’m FUJ ( Fat. Ugly. Jealous.), but because it’s a mockery of women, football and athleticism.

This is a league for men, by men—women are the mere objects and the mere marketing venture.  Sure, throw some chicks on the field in bras and panties with numbers on their behinds and have them tackle each other.  It really is every guy’s fantasy (whether you make six figures or still live in your mom’s basement, PhillyEagle).

For one, we have a  semi-professional women's football team right here in the city  already-- the Firebirds.  Now, why aren’t they getting as much press?  Why aren’t men running to watch them for the love of the game?  Probably because the game is what matters there and not bouncing, flailing boobs.

Also, if this football league has female players, where are the male cheerleaders?  Instead, the teams are energized by yet more scantily clad girls.  Something is a miss there.

And what about the refs? Oh, they’re girls too wearing half-tops, booty shorts and fishnets.  Lovely.

If you can’t see it’s a marketing scheme to use women and the chance their teensy clothes may fall off to make a ton of revenue, then you’re not seeing the whole picture (you’re blinded by the booty).

Take off the blinders!  Yes, these women are beautiful, they’re athletic, they’re tough.  That’s great!   They also “want” to be “hot”.  They want to be adored and they want to be “sexy.”  That’s ok, too . 

But, why give in and expend your energy and beauty on a bunch of crap?  Men aren’t asked to play football in Speedos, so drop the balls, ditch the lingerie, throw on a sports bra and sweats and play like a woman—confident and strong.

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