“High Hopes” for 7th-Inning Kalas Tribute

Online petition calls for "High Hopes"

Phillies fans have come together to sign an online petition that asks the Phillies to play Harry Kalas’ version of “High Hopes” during every seventh-inning stretch from now on.

The Phillies have already honored HK by wearing his initials on their uniforms, putting up a tribute on the outfield wall and playing Harry's famous "Outta Here" call after each Phillies homer. And, the team will induct Kalas into their wall of fame next week.

But some fans want there to be more done in tribute to their "Voice."

The petition said:

“To honor the Phillies' World Series championship and Harry Kalas' legacy, this group is dedicated to ushering-in Harry's favorite song, "High Hopes," as the song sung at every Phillies game during the 7th-inning stretch. The Cubs already own "Take Me Out to the Ballgame;" let's have our own song that represents the uniqueness and winning tradition of the Phillies, and that honors the most popular Philadelphian since at least Ben Franklin.”

The legendary broadcaster died earlier this season while preparing to do what he did for the Phillies for nearly 40 years -- call a baseball game. Games still don’t feel right without his velvety voice -- the playing of “High Hopes” could replace some of that empty space.

And we don’t need to drop “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” -- the songs can share the stretch. TMOB is less than a minute long there would be plenty of time for Harry the K’s “High Hopes.”

Isportacus’ Johnny Goodtimes summed up what "High Hopes" is all about:

“Harry’s favorite song was “High Hopes,” a wonderful ditty written in 1959 and popularized by Frank Sinatra shortly thereafter. Its message is a life affirming one, a reminder that nothing is impossible… even when others say you are trying to do the inconceivable. We think it would be an honor to Harry if we sang it during the 7th-inning stretch of every home game.”

"It would take a little bit of effort by Phils fans to learn the words, but it's not a tough song to learn… plus they'd have the words up on the jumbotron," Goodtimes told NBC Philadelphia.

"I also think it would be neat if we had various locals lead the stadium in singing it, like they do with "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at Wrigley. I just think it would be a really awesome way to honor Harry, instill civic pride, and make games at Citizens Bank even better than they already are."

Kalas' version of "High Hopes" is already played after each Phillies win, according to the team. So is it just greedy to ask for it to also be played during the stretch?

Heck Baltimore sings John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” every stretch. Last time we checked Denver was from New Mexico and B-More is nowhere near country.

At least in Philly we have a direct connection to our beloved Kalas -- a folk hero of the everyday fan. His song “High Hopes” became a battle cry for Phillies fans during the joyous triumphs of our Phightins.

Nothing is impossible -- isn’t that the whole message of “High Hopes” anyway?

So let’s sign the petition to crowd the plate on the Phillies brass.

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